Our bridge bearings have been vastly
used not only domestically, but also
exported to Eastern Europe, Russia,
Southeast Asia...
We have supplied more than 700,000
linear meters of Expansion Joints for
the Chinese and international
market so far...
Anchorage is a system inside which
internal stress and deformation are
comparatively complicated to specify
and usually a finite element method is
applied for calculating properties....
We have developed mainly 4 series of
Noise Barriers so far under the
technology guidance and approval of the
Key Laboratory of Noise and Vibration
Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences.
Application of Expansion Joints with
560mm movement, Jiangjin Bridge,
Chongqing, China.
Replacement of Expansion Joints for
the 4th Hanjiang Bridge, Wuhan,
Hubei, China.
Application of Expansion Joints
with large movement, Fuzhou,
Fujian, China.
Application of Comb Unit Expansion
Joints for the 2nd Ring
Road, Chengdu, China.
Multi-directional Displacement
Finger Expansion Joint
Noise-Reduction Integrated
Steel Expansion Joint
Cable-sliding Friction Seismic Bearing(CSFSB),
collaboration with Prof. Yuan, Tongji University, Shanghai
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